Technology is meant to be an investment for creative cost saving, great reach and insightful data. However, due to the excessive tech available these days it’s easy to spend on sub-optimal solutions, commit to non value adding and energy sapping procedures leading to nothing significant.

SOLVE supports you in seeking innovative training solutions, far reaching communication programs, real time data and analytics or meeting a technology expectation for your dear money.  a conversation about our wide choice of SOL VE offerings should bring you much needed clarity and assurance!


Most of the HRMS’s promise the moon but are rarely anything more than expensive apparatus to eliminate excel sheets. They are rigid, expensive to customize and seldom eliminate human effort.

As domain experts, we not only bring to you a HRMS that services your today’s requirements but one that allows and even guides you to transition to future methods and tools. CodeHR is a work flow based, integrated HRMS which supports:-

  1. Intuitive work flow
  2. Easy customization
  3. Mobility choices
  4. Flexible reporting

E Learning

While the importance of a personal touch in learning cannot be undermined, technology aided learning gives organizations the choice of reach, standardization and cost effectiveness while allowing learners  flexibility in schedule, place and pace. Not to mention it makes pooling all learning resources incredibly easier than traditional training methods.

The advent of social media as well as smart devices have made people highly comfortable with technology aided interaction. Combining that with exciting new methods such as ‘Game based’ sessions, E learning can deliver unmatched benefits to both organizations as well as learners.

Opinion polls and Surveys

The future of managing employees is ‘Participative HR’. Opinion polls are the most direct and reliable way of understanding if an organization is offering apples for oranges. And if yes, then defining oranges better as well as redirecting the resources available, towards oranges than apples!

Choice of anonymity as well as the flexibility of place and pace while responding to an opinion poll could well be the difference between candid and engineered feedback. Technology aided surveys can garner honest responses and rapid analysis supported actions.  That’s is the most authentic way of building trust within an organization.