A key challenge companies face today, is to keep varied individuals invested in common goals over a significant period of time. En masse HR solutions entrenched largely in market equity may not equip an organization to battle its unique trials. Considerations like suitability, sustainability, budget and buy-in separate an idea from an outcome.

With SOL AR (School of Light Advisory and Research),  we can support you, create or finetune HR programs, get a buy-in from all stakeholders and  manage implementation towards agreed outcomes. Simply put, we will be in it with you as long as it takes to see it  through.

Organization structuring

An efficient structure plays an enabling- revitalizing role for an outcome focused organization. The hallmark of a great organization structure is ease and ability with which a  company delivers the desired product/ service, manages efficiency, builds contingency and retains bottomline.

Design it with a short term view and it may root itself greatly in people and lack succession. Design it for long term, and it may miss the agility to respond to dynamics of both opportunities and pitfalls. Designing an organization calls for having been on the inside long enough to deliver on all such counts.

Talent Acquisition

Talent provides a formidable edge to every organization in the competitive landscape. Talent mapping begins at being able to understand the external environment, nature and history of a company, its contributing subsystems and their interlinkages, to gain an insight into constitution of manpower required. It also calls for the deep understanding of the business and job roles within them, to channel manpower availability dynamics into acceptable fulfillment solutions especially for critical talent segments.

Performance Management System

While it may be termed as ‘Performance Management’, the ‘Management’ bit usually gives way for ‘Evaluation’. Most performance programs become bi/ annual routines designed, at their best, to arrive at increments.

Performance management is fundamentally an opportunity for the organization to align itself periodically to sharpen collective focus, strengthen cohesion and pursue the north star. Clear goal setting, objective evaluation and aspirational reward programs makes performance management process build reliability for the organization and nurturing careers for employees.

Capability building

An organization’s agility can be augmented or limited by the skills it has and/or creates. SOL ACE attempts to look at organizational aspirations and translate them into skills/competencies required in the now as well as future. It involves being able to create long range and price conscious solutions towards a larger capability building and retention agenda.

Given India’s age and skill demographic, capability building will also be a important cog enabling the talent acquisition to accelerate.

Policies, Procedures & Systems

Policies, Procedures and systems enable the efficient functioning of the organization whilst ensuring it is in compliance with the law of the land. An ongoing challenge when designing and implementing policies and procedures for the Indian environment is to stay within the framework of all applicable, archaic we may add, labor laws while catering to novel business needs and a demanding breed of employees. The market practice for each tier of organization also needs to considered to ensure that the company stays at best appealing and at least comparable in the job market. A healthy functional ecosystem goes a long way in building a strong and lasting culture anchored to the values of the organization.

Compensation and benefits

The power of compensation and benefits, as a motive in itself as well as motivation, cannot be undermined. It traverses from sustenance to aspirations across various periods for all individuals. It also is the most influential HR tool when contributing to working capital requirements.

By design, it can keep fixed costs low yet offers aspirational earning opportunities for the deserving through mechanisms such as Variable pay plans, incentive schemes and employee stock option programs. In behavior it can mimic the bell curve in retaining high performers while being rid of the opposite.

Payroll management

Payroll management involves precise data collation, complex and often last minute calculations to deliver accurate output on time, everytime. It is also the single most important part of HR related compliance. The challenge in payroll management is to get an entire organization on song to the process with administrative transparency.

Rewards and recognition

Being a race tagged as ‘social animals’, we are more so than ever before. With the social media deeply entrenched in our psyche, recognition in itself has become a reward. A good rewards and recognition program should go beyond rewarding, in that it should encourage and promote desirable behaviors thus reinforcing the values and culture of the company

HR Analytics

The age of technology and innovation has warranted a strong ability to anticipate the implications of current decisions. In an immensely competitive global business environment, even the most compelling hunches need to be validated. Analytics is not only a source of corroboration of reality but an opportunity to see alternative reality. Data speak can authentically support navigation and prioritization through dynamic environment.

Employee Satisfaction, Climate Survey

Happiness may not be easy to define or create. However, that is no reason why an organization should find it out of bounds. Although, like all other slightly esoteric endeavors, this one is better begun by asking. Simply having your people share what invigorates, motivates, nurtures and bonds them to ultimately deliver as a cohesive group.

Employee satisfaction surveys can not only help define what is the specific joy of your lot, but in effect direct engagement activities, benefit plans and even hiring.