India has a lot of people. Those people do not have a lot of employable skills. That takes talent acquisition process beyond sourcing. It may well be everything between creating realistic yet aspirational job roles to career management insights.

Our long drawn experience in managing internal HR, thanks to our SOL ACE practice, enables us to support you in all aspects of this freshly minted science.

Talent acquisition strategy

Talent acquisition strategists do not begin work with sourcing methods, they begin at manpower planning. They need the capability to understand complex organization structures, how those map with industry, what gaps are hence indeed present and lastly, how best can those be fulfilled.

Search and sourcing

Search and sourcing calls for not only a great understanding of the industry/ sector but of the aspirations and career progression opportunities available at each level within it. A good recruiter does not seek to fulfill a vacancy, she seeks to fulfill a dynamic requirement with a  person who aspires to be part of such change.

Head hunting

Head hunting not only tests a recruiters common people skills but also his/ her ability to understand the psychological factors of choices that people make. It entails the recruiter meaningfully nudging, both the company and the candidate, to stay future focused while being present.

Response management

Newspaper or social media advertisements are great outreach and branding vehicles aside from being a source for attracting talent. Generating interest is a great but also hazy phenomena. The response attracted may not always be quite relevant to what was called for.  The activity of fishing the right responses and engaging with others who are not relevant, at the moment or otherwise, is a herculean activity. Technology aided solutions work best for these kind of requirements.

Candidate assessment

Candidate assessment can go from asking a set of standard questions to personality profiling. The choices are wide and useful. Done well it has the potential of saving the company as well as the candidate the heartache and lost time. External interviewing support can be useful when in need of specific expertise or short term bandwidth boost for large scale hiring.