A Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) indeed needs to be greater than the sum of its parts. In a market competing basis functionality, there is an experience to be had. In hindsight most of the HRMS’s rarely turn out to be anything more than expensive apparatus to eliminate excel sheets. They are rigid, expensive to customize and seldom eliminate human effort. As domain experts, we not only bring to you a HRMS that services your today’s requirements but one that allows and even guides you to transition to future methods and tools.

Through meaningful use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning CodeHR is staying ahead of the curve by aiming to transition from being an ‘App First’ To ‘Bot first’ system. Organizations can now increase efficiency, make customization work while eliminating laborious transactional jobs. This resourceful system will allow you time to progress with the human aspect which cannot be replicated!

Functionality covered:

    1. Organisation Structure: Capturing multi-level organization structure having inter-linkages of Company Groups, companies, Divisions, Profit Centers, Cost Centers, Bands, Roles, Designations etc.
    2. Recruitment: Mapping of recruitment process from Manpower planning to issuing candidate appointment letters.
    3. Employee Lifecycle Management: Managing the entire lifecycle of employee from on-boarding to exit management, along with the analytics of every stage of career progression.
    4. Performance Management System: Flexible multi-dimensional PMS catering to 90 degree, 180 degree and 360 degree appraisal process, Bell curve normalization, along with tight integration with payroll process.
    5. Compensation and Benefits: Includes features like tracking of employee’s career progression, multi-level compensation structure, performance based incentives, Bonuses
    6. Training and Learning Management: Captures training needs, training plans, Scheduling, faculty management, Feedback Management, Version control of training material, training infrastructure management etc.
    7. Payroll & Attendance Management: A comprehensive payroll and attendance processing system catering to all aspects of work hour automation and related payroll calculations including local and national compliance, statutory deductions and taxation.
    8. Rewards and Recognition:  An elaborate process from creating rewards to assessment and disbursement.
    9. Employee Self Services like leave management, general and travel expense claim settlement, requisitions for visiting cards, Mobile phone access, internet access etc.

Feature highlights:

  1. Templatized implementation: This ensures shorter deployment cycle and access to industry standard best practice templates for better adaptability.
  2. Secured Access Control: Role/Group/Designation/Individual based secured access to processes allows tighter access control, which is easy to implement or customize but difficult to break-in.
  3. Build your own processes: We provide dynamic and flexible process engine, which lets you define unlimited processes and forms of your own.  Process engine lets you spawn independent as well as multiple interdependent processes from main process thread.
  4. Multi-level approval process: Process based configurable authorization levels, time bound escalation levels and auto-assign facility. Allows you to capture “and/or” approval scenarios.
  5. Customizable form design: Allows you to create/update your own data labels and data fields along with a facility to re-name pre-configured data labels as well.
  6. Tight integration with email: Run all processes through email. Approvers can approve/reject requisitions through email.
  7. Bulk-upload: Facility to bulk-upload data through pre-defined csv formats (MS Excel) to facilitate faster data entry.
  8. Version Control: Templates, process documents etc. stored in the system can be version controlled after their final release into the system.
  9. Dynamic Reporting: Flexible, Dynamic and user customizable reporting module, which comes with standard report templates and also allows you to create your own reports.
  10. Audit Trail: System keeps track of each and every addition/ update/ deletion/ notification/ approval/ rejection/ process initiation/ progress of individual process steps. This helps in keeping a tab on system usage and to carryout forensic analysis of any data change in the system.

Technology Highlights:

  1. All functionality is accessible through Web browsers and through smart phones.
  2. Compatible with all major web browsers using HTML 5 technology including IE, Firefox, Google Chrome.
  3. Document based database ensures faster response to complicated and interdependent data elements retrieval.
  4. Facility to bulk-upload/download data through pre-defined csv formats (MS Excel).
  5. Data Download: All data elements and reports are downloadable in excel, word or PDF format. This feature comes in handy to generate your own reports in excel or for providing data upload to other external ERPs like Tally, SAP etc.
  6. State of the art development technology ensure better performance, faster response and optimized usage of resources like bandwidth, compute power and storage.