About Us

Our Mission

Reach out, with substantive, nurturing, fulfilling ideas and action.

Our Perceptible Endeavor

  • Support companies shape people strategies rooted in their specific aspirations and realities
  • Create meaningful, yet simplified Human resources programs
  • Collaborate with organizations to build on their HR practice

Our Beliefs

Inclusive growth

Long term growth is usually a sum total of thoughts that account for and actions that care for the interests of all stakeholders. Sustainability is fundamentally and outcome of inclusion. All one needs is a shared belief stronger than the impatience of balance sheets.


Simplicity is creating growth that at best is joyful and at the very least is anxiety free. Cultivating an ability to look at things as they are, without judgment or illusion, and creating a solution that can be commonly understood, accepted and implemented.


To us, integrity simply means oneness of thought, speech and action. It builds clarity, trust and reliability in everything we do.

Our Differentiators

Business thinking

Either we already understand your sector or have the will and wherewithal to rapidly understand it. Not just the analytical reports full of numbers but your specific position within the sector, the impact of demographics and most importantly, levers of change. Just like you, we see our functional expertise as a tool and not a goal in itself.

Participative change

People programs are not ‘for the people’ unless they are ‘by the people’ too. Our approach is to take HR programs where they belong, amongst the employees and stakeholders, for both innovation and ownership. If you believe your people are indeed your differentiator, then they should be encouraged to do things differently. The strengths of this approach outdo what may be seem as drawbacks by a substantive and nurturing margin!